Opening a document from the cloud

To open a document that you have previously saved to the cloud, press the "Manage Documents" button in the main DocuScan Plus window, then select the document from the tree and press Enter or Return. If the document is in a folder, you'll need to first select the folder and press Enter or Return, then select the document within that folder and press Enter or Return.

Once you've opened a document, how you start reading it depends on your operating system and screen reader. On Windows, if you use System Access or are running DocuScan Plus in self-voicing mode, the document will be read automatically; if you use another screen reader, the document will receive focus, but whether it is read automatically will depend on how your screen reader is configured. Regardless of your screen reader, on Windows, you can press F6 to move between the document content and the buttons in this window. On the Mac, move the VoiceOver cursor to the HTML content, then interact with it to read the document.

Last modified June 26, 2015

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