Supported scanners and cameras

DocuScan Plus supports most modern and legacy scanners. An exhaustive list of scanners is beyond the scope of this documentation, but if your scanner is advertised as being compatible with your chosen platform (Windows or Mac), it will most likely work with DocuScan Plus. In some cases, the scanner requires a set of drivers, which are shipped with the scanner or which can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website, in order to work properly with any scanning program. However, some scanners, such as the CanoScan LiDE 110 sold by online retailers, require no additional drivers beyond those provided by the operating system. If you have one of these scanners, you can carry your scanner with you and use DocuScan Plus from any computer to which you have access. DocuScan Plus also supports automatic document feeders, including duplex scanners, which can scan both sides of a page at once.

Note: While we aim to make it as easy as possible to use DocuScan Plus with whatever scanner you have, it has come to our attention that DocuScan Plus for Windows currently doesn't work with some scanners when using the drivers built into Windows. If you get an error when you try to scan in DocuScan Plus, please download and install the driver for your scanner from the manufacturer's website, then try again. We hope to resolve these issues soon.

In addition to scanners, DocuScan Plus also supports the HoverCam T5V document camera. For more information on the operation of this camera, please read the HoverCam T5V section at the end of this documentation. In most respects, DocuScan Plus operates the same whether you are using a scanner or camera. Note that although DocuScan Plus will allow you to use any camera connected to your computer, the HoverCam T5V is the only camera that Serotek officially supports. In particular, you should not expect good results from a typical built-in camera or USB webcam.

If you find that your scanner is not supported, let us know and we will do our best to add it to the list of supported scanners, as time and resources allow.

Last modified February 03, 2020

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