Welcome to DocuScan Plus

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Serotek's DocuScan Plus offers high-quality optical character recognition (OCR) to convert the printed page into text that can be read aloud by your computer. It can also read many PDF files that otherwise cannot be read, as well as documents in Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML, and ePub formats, and books from Bookshare. Once DocuScan Plus has processed your documents, it will let you convert them to DAISY books, MP3 files, RTF files, or BRF files for use with a notetaker or Braille embosser.

DocuScan Plus integrates cloud storage and processing provided by Serotek. On all platforms, you will need an active Internet connection to get started with the product. On Windows, you will need an Internet connection to take full advantage of the features of DocuScan Plus, but many aspects of the product are usable offline. On the Mac, DocuScan Plus is not usable at all without an Internet connection, because optical character recognition is done remotely, not on your Mac.

Last modified June 26, 2015

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