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Internet Explorer is a web browser in Windows for surfing the Internet. When you find a webpage you want to come back to in the future, add it to your favorites by pressing Control+D. You can simply press enter to keep the title of the page, or first edit it to something more meaningful to you. When finished, press Enter. When you want to go back to one of the favorites you have created, press Control+I. You can organize your favorites by putting them into alphabetical order, deleting unwanted items, or arranging them by subcategories. To do this, start by pressing Control+B. Then, use your Tab and Arrow Keys to explore the options. When you are finished, tab to the Close button.

To find specific text on a page, press Control+F to start the Find utility. Type in what you are looking for and press enter. If it is found, your cursor will be moved to that location on the page. If not, you will get a prompt saying "Text not found," and you will need to press Enter before continuing.

You can browse the history of webpages you have visited in the last few days by opening your browsing history with Control+H.

Tabbed browsing allows you to have multiple websites open at the same time. To open another tab with the same web address, press Control+N. To open a tab with a different webpage, press Control+T, and type the address you would like to access. To move between open websites, press Control+1, Control+2, Control+3, etc. To go to a new website from where you are currently without opening a new tab, press either Control+L or Control+O. To print all or part of a webpage you are viewing, press Control+P. This print command works throughout Windows. To refresh or update the current webpage, press either Control+R or F5. To close the current tab, press Control+W. This should leave other webpages you are viewing open. However, the very first time you press Control+W, you will be asked if you want to close only the current window, or all tabs.

Last modified December 10, 2014

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