Installing Serotek Products on your computer

When you are ready to begin using any Serotek product -- System Access, Sero, and/or DocuScan Plus – there are two methods you can use to install the software. You can use either method, regardless of whether you are running the paid version, or using a trial.

Method 1: Downloading the Installer

  1. Download the software installation package from You can save this file to your hard drive, or you can run it immediately.

  2. Run the software you've downloaded. Please note that you may be prompted by windows to verify that you want to run the software. You may press alt+r to select the "run" option. It is not necessary to shut down your currently running screen reader in order to run the software, but if you have done so, the Windows prompt to run the software will not speak.

  3. Once the installer is running, it will speak using your current screen reader, or the System Access screen reader, depending on the option you choose during setup.

  4. Use the checkboxes to select the desired behavior for running System Access on the Windows logon screen and running System Access on the Windows desktop automatically. Note that this behavior is only applicable for System Access and not other Serotek software. Also note that both boxes must be checked to have System Access speech running at all times.

  5. Once your selections have been made, choose the "install" button. You will hear a repeating tone to indicate that your software is being installed.

  6. If prompted with a "user account control" dialog about whether you wish to continue with the installation of the software, press alt+y to continue with the installation. For Windows Vista, use Alt+C instead.

  7. When the installation is complete, a dialog will alert you that the installation is complete and System Access will then start. Press enter to continue.

  8. You will be asked to either sign up for a demo, purchase Serotek software, or sign into an existing account. Select the appropriate option and fill in your information as directed. If you need assistance with starting a demo or purchasing, you can always feel free to call us.

Method 2: Installing via

  1. Power up your computer, and wait until you have heard the Windows start up melody. If your screen reader is running, you will need to shut it down at this point.

  2. Locate the Windows key on your keyboard, which can usually be found two keys to the left of the spacebar.

  3. Hold down the windows key and tap the letter "r". Then release both keys.

  4. Type the following: and then press the enter key.

  5. You should now hear a spoken prompt: "Press enter to begin."

  6. After pressing enter, you will hear more spoken prompts. These will vary according to the version of Internet Explorer you are running. Just follow them to proceed. Note that during this process, pauses of up to about one minute are to be expected while the software loads.

  7. Next, you'll be presented with a welcome message. At this point, you may use your tab and shift+tab keys to move through the elements on the form. Enter your account number and PIN (personal identification number) in the appropriate edit fields, tab to the login button and press enter.

  8. Now that you're logged on, you may bring up the System Access menu by holding down the modifier key and pressing the letter f. Note that the modifier key can be any one of four keys: Insert, Caps Lock, Numpad 0, and Scroll Lock.

  9. From the System Access menu, use your down arrow key to navigate to the "my account" option and press enter.

  10. From the "my account" page, you may tab one time to the option: "Install System Access on this computer." Please note that this will install System Access, Docuscan Plus, and Sero, even if you are not licensed for all of them. Press enter on this option to begin installation. You may also choose the second option: "Install System Access Mobile on a USB drive.

  11. The installation screen will offer you the opportunity to set System Access startup preferences. Simply press the spacebar to check or uncheck the appropriate checkboxes. Note that these automatic startup options apply only to the System Access screen reader, not to Sero or Docuscan Plus. Note also that both must be checked for full System Access screen reader access during all Windows operations.

When you have set the System Access startup options the way you want them, press the tab key until you locate the “Install” button, and press enter.

  1. You will now hear a progress tone, indicating that the installation of System Access is under way. If you receive a user account control prompt asking that you confirm you want to make changes to your system, press alt+Y to accept it. If you’re running Windows Vista, use alt+C instead.

  2. When the install process has been completed, you will be presented with a verbal prompt that the system access software has been installed, and is now ready to use.

  3. You are now ready to begin using System Access and Sero. Before you begin, you will need to exit the currently running version of System Access by pressing the modifier key and the f4 key. You'll receive a prompt that System Access is shutting down.

To begin using the version of System Access installed on your computer, press and hold the control and alt keys, and tap the letter s. To begin using Sero, press and hold the control and alt keys, and tap the letter n. With the System Access screen reader running, you may also choose "Sero" from the System Access menu, which can be opened with the modifier key and the letter f. From this same menu, you can also start DocuScan Plus, or you can do so by pressing and holding down Alt and Control, and tapping the letter D.

Last modified October 24, 2016

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