Keyboard command reference (Windows only)

When viewing this document online or as an HTML file, use h to move forward through the topics, and shift+H to move backward through the topics.

Movement commands

Tab/Shift+Tab will move you forward, or Backward through page elements, such as a link, edit box, or button, etc. Remember that tab, and shift+tab will work anywhere.

Keyboard Letters will take you to Sero items starting with a particular letter. For instance, the letter, “M,” will take you to things like My Files, My Blog, My Personal website, etc.

F/Shift+F moves you back and forth through pages with elements having to do with forms, such as an edit box, check box, list box, radio button, button, or list box. Note: Pressing the letter “F” will otherwise take you to links starting with the letter F. Such as the, “Featured Movie.” On the Home page

B/Shift+B will move you back and forth among the buttons in a page. It will also take you to items beginning with the letter B, such as, Bookmarks.

T/Shift+T will move you back and forth among tables in a page, or to items beginning with the letter T, such as, Television, when in the, Described Video Programming, section..

H/Shift+H moves you back and forth among the headers in a page as in the Socializer. It also will take you to items starting with the letter “H” as in, Help, on the Sero Home page.

Alt+Down arrow will open a drop down list box, or will move to the next sentence if not in a drop down list box.

Alt+Up arrow will close a drop down list box, or will move to the previous sentence if not in a drop down list box.

Up/Down arrow keys move you through items in a list box, items on the Home page, and read text line-by-line.

Escape will close/cancel your list box selection, or close the current window.

N/Shift+N moves you to text without embedded links. N will also bring focus to items like News or Notes from the Home screen.

Home moves you to the beginning of a line.

End moves you to the end of a line.

Page Up moves you back one screen.

Page Down moves you down one screen.

Alt+m moves you directly to the email application.

Alt+B moves you to your bookmarks

Reading commands

Modifier+T announces the title of the window that you are using.

Modifier+Down arrow begins reading from your current position to the end of the web page or document.

Control by itself will stop the reading process.

Up arrow reads the previous line on a page.

Down arrow reads the next line on a page.

Right arrow reads the next character on the page.

Left arrow reads the previous character on the page.

Control+Right arrow reads the next word on a page.

Control+Left arrow reads the previous word on a page.

Modifier+Up arrow reads the current line.

Modifier+Up arrow twice quickly, spells the current line on a page.

Screen magnification commands

Control+Modifier+NumPad Plus turns on screen magnification.

Control+Modifier+Numpad minus turns off screen magnification.

Modifier+NumPad Plus increases the screen magnification.

Modifier+NumPad minus decreases the screen magnification.

Media player commands

Control+P begins playing media. If media is playing, then Control+P will pause playback.

Control+S stops media playback, and closes the media player.

Up arrow held down, increases the volume of media playback.

Down arrow held down, decreases the volume of media playback.

Control+Up Arrow moves you one minute back.

Control+Down Arrow moves you one minute forward.

Right moves you to the next clip in a stream, or play list.

Left moves you to the previous clip in a stream, or play list.

Control+Left Arrow moves you six seconds back.

Control+Right Arrow moves you six seconds forward.

Page Down moves you ten minutes forward.

Page Up moves you ten minutes backward.

Voice email commands

Alt+R will begin recording a voice email message.

Alt+S will stop the recording of a voice email message.

Control+P will pause or resume playback of a recorded voice email message.

Text related commands

Backspace deletes the previous character typed.

Delete erases the character you currently are on.

Control+P allows you to print the current page, through the printer dialog box. Tap enter to print via the default printer.

Control+A selects all text on the page.

Shift+Page Up selects the previous screen of text.

Shift+Page Down selects the next screen of text.

Shift+Up Arrow selects the previous line of text.

Shift+Down Arrow selects the current line of text.

Shift+Right Arrow selects the next character.

Shift+Left Arrow selects the previous character.

Control+Shift+Right Arrow selects the next word.

Control+Shift+Left Arrow selects the previous word.

Control+X allows you to move the selected text.

Control+C allows you to copy the selected text.

Control+V places the moved, or copied text into your current location.

F7 begins the spell checking process. Note, this command is available anywhere that an edit box exists, even inside Internet Explorer!

Instant messaging commands

Control+Shift+M moves you to the active conversation.

Alt+Shift+A acknowledges someone's attempt at contacting you by adding you to their contact list.

Grave reads the last message sent to you.

Enter sends your message to the current conversation.

Escape closes the Instant Messenger window.

Sero chat commands

Enter held down allows you to talk to the people in the chat room when not in full duplex mode.

Escape closes the Sero chat window.

Browser commands

Control+O allows you to type in a web address.

Control+N lets you type a web address, but will open the web site in a new browser window.

Control+Shift+O opens a browser history of previously visited web pages.

Control+Shift+N shows you a list of previously visited web pages, which are launchable in a new browser window.

Last modified September 09, 2016

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