Getting around in Sero

When you launch Sero, you will start on the Sero home screen. This is the central location where you'll find all of the content, community resources, and services that Sero has to offer.

The many resources available within Sero are organized into categorized lists. On the home screen, you'll find a few top-level categories such as News, Entertainment, Information, and Sero Community Member Resources. Within these categories, you'll find sub-categories, and finally, direct links to resources such as individual radio stations or on-demand audio programs.

The structure of these lists is consistent across all devices and operating systems, but the exact way that you navigate them depends on which kind of system you're using.

navigating on Windows

On Windows, simply press the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to move from item to item. When you find the item you want, press Enter to load it.

Whenever you load an item from the Sero home screen, Sero will open a new window. To close any window in Sero, including the home screen itself, press Escape. When you close the Sero home screen, you will be asked if you want to close Sero itself. Simply press Y for yes or N for no.

When you load an item from a category beneath the home screen, Sero will open a new window if what you just loaded isn't itself another list of items. When you do load another list of items, this list will be loaded in the same window as its parent. To go back to the previous list, press Alt+Left Arrow.

Tip: In any list, you can press the first letter, or even the first few letters, of an item's name to get where you want to go faster.

Navigating on Mac

Like on Windows, press the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to move from item to item, then press Enter to load the selected item. To close a window, press Command+W, To go back within a window, press Command+Left Bracket.

Navigating on other devices

On iOS, Apple TV, Android, and Amazon Fire OS, use the device's standard gestures for moving through a list, selecting an item, and going back.

User Comments

Kim Kelly - Brooks: where oh where do my downloads wind up on my computer

After I download broadcasts, otr things, and such; I can get to them from the downloads section of sero, but; where are they on my computer in case I want to copy them on to a card or flasch drive; can I even do such?

Posted on October 17, 2016

Last modified September 09, 2016

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