Screen Magnification

Note: We don't recommend that you use the magnifier on a machine with less than 128 MB of video RAM. For best results, we suggest Windows Windows Vista or higher, with Windows Aero enabled.

System Access features a "full-screen" magnifier which can enlarge the contents of the screen by a factor from 1.25x to 6x. The magnifier can track the mouse or the system's focus. It can also track within menus, dialog boxes, and other controls.

Magnification Preferences

You can adjust the setting of the Screen Magnifier through the System Access Preferences menu. Press Modifier+F to reach the System Access menu. Then arrow down to the Preferences option. From here, arrow down to the Screen Magnifier option and press Enter.

There are a few controls for customizing the view of the Screen Magnifier. The Magnify the Screen checkbox turns on screen magnification if it is checked. Unchecking this checkbox will turn the magnification feature off. The button labeled "Larger" increases the power of the magnification, while the button labeled "Smaller" decreases the power of the level of magnification displayed. The Invert Colors in the Magnified Image checkbox will flip the colors. So if you normally have a white background and black text, checking this option will give you the reverse; a black background, and white text.

Magnification Keyboard Commands

The following keyboard commands control magnification: Control+Modifier+NumPad Plus will enable magnification. Control+Modifier+NumPad Minus will disable magnification. Modifier+NumPad Plus: will increase the magnification factor. Modifier+NumPad Minus: will decrease the magnification factor. Modifier+Control+C will toggle between normal and inverted colors.

Last modified December 10, 2014

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