System Access and StickyKeys

StickyKeys help users who have difficulty pressing more than one key at a time. The Windows' implementation of StickyKeys only makes the Shift, Control, Alt, and Windows keys sticky. However, System Access also uses Caps-Lock, Insert, Scroll-Lock, and NumPad 0 as modifiers. When you press and immediately release a modifier key while using StickyKeys, the system plays two short tones. The system cancels the modifier when the user types a non-modifier key, such as a letter, or clicks the mouse. Alternatively, if the user presses and releases the same modifier key twice in succession, the system locks the modifier and plays one short, higher-pitched tone. When the same key is press for a third time, the system then unlocks the modifier and plays one short, lower- pitched tone. If you press and release a System Access modifier key twice within two seconds, System Access passes the second keypress on to Windows, thus allowing the user to use Caps-Lock, Insert, Scroll-Lock, and NumPad 0 as originally intended. There is no conflict between StickyKeys and System Access Remote Training and Support functionality. Persons using StickyKeys can both receive and provide remote training and support.

Last modified December 10, 2014

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