Blogging within Sero

Share your thoughts with the community by creating a Sero blog, where you are only limited by your imagination.

You can use your blog to keep a digital diary of events in your life, or you can use it as a means to share insights on issues about the world around you.

To start posting to your blog:

  1. Choose My Blog on the Sero home screen.

  2. Once chosen, you will find two options: Post an Entry, and Browse Other Blogs.

  3. Choosing the Post an Entry option will allow you to Post a Text Entry, Post a Voice Entry, or Cancel. Choosing the Cancel option will take you back to the beginning of the My Blog area.

Post a text entry

When you select the Post a Text Entry option, you will first encounter an edit field for entering the title of your entry. Generally, the title is a short phrase or sentence that informs your readers about the subject you will cover in the entry.

The next edit field is Body, which is where you can type your blog post. Once you have written the body of your entry, you will find two buttons at the bottom of this window. The first button will let you post your entry to your blog, and the second will cancel and exit this post without saving your work.

Choosing Cancel will also place you back in the main My Blog area.

Post a voice entry

For some, speaking your mind can be easier than typing out everything you would like to say. Choosing Post a Voice Entry allows you to record your entry for others to hear.

Once you have chosen this option, you will find a screen with an edit field for entering the title of your voice blog post. You will then find five buttons below the title field. They are labeled Record, Stop, Play, Post and Cancel.

Make sure your microphone is working, and then press the Record button to begin your voice entry. You will hear a beep to indicate that you should start speaking.

Once you have finished talking, you can then select the Stop button to end the recording.

Choose the Play button to listen to the entry you have just recorded. If you are satisfied, then press the Post button to add this voice recording to your blog.

If you wish to discard the recording, press Cancel to go back to the main My Blog area without saving your work.

Managing your blog

After you have created at least one blog entry, you will find Level 2 headings for each of the entries you have posted.

Under each entry you will see two buttons. The first will offer you the ability to post a comment. The second will allow you to delete your blog entry.

Selecting Delete will bring up a box asking if you are sure that you would like to permanently delete that post. Choose OK to delete the entry, or Cancel if you do not wish to remove the entry from your blog.

Post a comment

You can find this option below your own blog post, or below the entries of others. If you choose to leave a comment, you will find three options, which are the same options you have for creating a post on your blog: Create a Text Comment, Create a Voice comment, or Cancel.

Simply follow the previous steps outlined above for capturing your thoughts and select Post to have them saved as a comment on that person's blog.

Remember that comments can be viewed by the Sero community as well as the blog’s author, so only post information that you would not mind letting others read or hear.

Browse others' blogs

At the bottom of the My Blog screen, you will find an option to read the blogs of many in the Sero community. Selecting this link will take you to a list of fellow bloggers. Scroll through the list and choose from the various names presented.

Your blog's address

It is very easy for those on Sero to browse and access your blog. To allow non-Sero members to read your blog, you must first follow the easy instructions to create your own personal website, which can be found in the following section.

Last modified September 09, 2016

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