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Sero lets you create customized feeds that display your news quickly and easily, without you having to scour the web for all the latest bulletins.

This technology is based on a standard called RSS, or Really Simple Syndication. It is a quick and easy way for you to stay up to date with your favorite news topics with a minimum of time and effort.

This technology can get headlines from your favorite news sites or receive an aggregated news feed on a single topic, like World News or Computer Software, that includes articles from many different web sources.

To begin using the news center:

  1. Select News from the Sero home screen.

  2. You'll have a choice between audio and text; to get the news articles described here, choose text.

  3. Choose a category of interest in order to view the headlines associated with that topic.

  4. Choose the headline that interests you, and the story will be displayed.

Once you add the news topic to your My Newspaper area, found in the Sero home screen, the news is periodically updated with new content. When you return to My Newspaper, you can read news in all of your topics of interest without having to manually jump from Web site to Web site, or from newspaper to newspaper.

In addition, any news feed that you create can be shown publicly. Just be sure to check the Make Public checkbox when you create your news feed.

When you are browsing someone's public bookmarks, select the News Interests link to see their public news feeds.

Creating your custom newspaper

The easiest way to begin building your custom newspaper, which contains only the news of interest to you, is to follow these steps:

  1. Choose the News link from the Sero home screen.

  2. Choose the link entitled Text.

  3. Choose a topic of interest.

  4. Choose the Add to My Newspaper link.

  5. Once you've done this, you'll be able to customize a few things about the section you're adding.

  6. You are prompted for a section name. By default, this edit field will be filled in with the name of the news category you've just chosen. If you want to change the name, simply type the new name in the field.

  7. Next, you'll find a checkbox which allows you to make this feed in your newspaper publicly browsable by other Sero members from the Community Member Resources section of Sero. If you want to keep this feed private, simply leave the box unchecked.

  8. Once you press the Add button, the feed you've just added will be periodically updated as it gathers news about the topic you've chosen.

Custom news feeds

If you wish to create a news feed not found in the Sero news center, you can choose the Create a Custom Section option from the My Newspaper screen.

Here you can create a category of news feeds of your choosing, as well as specify what keywords will define your search.

You can choose to make the news feed public as before. You can also preview the custom news feed by activating the Preview button.

If you like the way your customized news feed looks, just activate the Create button. You can then access your customized news feed from the My Newspaper area.

Adding third-party news feeds

Choosing the Add a Third-Party News Feed option will allow you to add an RSS feed which contains text, audio, or even video, from a Web site not already listed in Sero.

  1. You must have a Web site that broadcasts RSS feeds. When you locate the RSS feed you want, you must get the exact web address to the RSS feed. The Web site in question will provide you with this address.

  2. Select the address and copy it to the clipboard. On Windows, the command to copy to the clipboard is Control+C.

  3. Navigate to the My Newspaper area, and select Add a Third-Party News Feed.

  4. As before, enter a name for this section. You can name the section anything you want.

  5. Paste the address of the feed in the field called "Feed URL". On Windows, you can paste by pressing Control+V.

  6. Again, you can make this news feed public by checking the appropriate checkbox. You can also preview the news feed by activating the Preview button.

  7. When you have previewed and entered all of the information for the news feed, activate the Add button. Your news feed will then appear in the My Newspaper area.

Last modified September 09, 2016

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