Managing your Serotek account

The My Account option, located on the Sero home screen, is the place for all Serotek account management tasks.

Edit account information

You can edit your account information without calling Serotek Customer Service. Of course, if you would like the assistance of a Serotek representative, you may call 612-246-4818 or 866-202-0520.

If you'd like to modify the account yourself, here's how to do so.

Modifying contact information

If you want to modify your contact information, you may select the Edit contact Information link. Here you can change your organization, address, phone number, current email address, and you can select whether or not to receive announcements from Serotek.

Modifying payment information

To modify your payment information, select the Edit Credit Card Information link. Simply use the form to change your information.

Purchasing additional products and services

When you'd like to purchase additional Serotek products and services, such as voices, DocuScan Plus, or other offerings, you may select the Buy Add-ons link.

Set name for outgoing messages

This option allows you to specify the name that will be used on your outgoing email messages. Here you can also specify the name used on forum posts and in voice chat rooms. Note that you can choose to display:

Please be extremely careful when choosing your nickname, since you will only have one chance to enter it. Once your nickname has been entered, it cannot be changed.

Manage machines

This section only applies to Windows PCs.

Serotek allows you the convenience of easily managing each of your licenses for Serotek products. You can change the name associated with a particular machine, thus making it easier to determine which computer you are connecting to remotely.

You can change which machine is your primary computer, and you can even unregister a computer that you no longer use. This makes it easy to move your licenses to only those computers you plan to use.

Best of all, you can do all these things whenever you need to – day or night, without the need for a Serotek staff member to be available.

In the Manage Machines section, you'll see a list of your computers which currently have Serotek software installed. Select the machine you'd like to manage from this list, and then tab to the appropriate buttons to perform an action on that machine.

To rename a machine

  1. Tab to the Rename button.

  2. Press the Space bar.

  3. Type in the new name for the computer.

  4. Press Enter.

The next time you remotely connect to that computer, you'll see the new name you have given it.

Set a particular computer as your primary machine

  1. Choose it from the list.

  2. Tab to the Set as Primary button.

  3. Press the Spacebar to activate it.

From this point forward, the machine you've set as primary will be considered by System Access and Sero as your home computer.

Unregistering a computer

To unregister a computer that you no longer use, and make the license for that computer available on another machine:

  1. Select the one you'd like to unregister from the list.

  2. Then, tab to the Unregister button.

  3. Press the spacebar to activate it.

Last modified September 09, 2016

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