Manipulating text (Windows only)

Copying and moving text

While using Sero, you may want to copy text from one place to another.

An item like a phone number, an interesting article, or a recipe can usually be copied from the place where you read the text to another program like Notepad or the Notes Feature of Sero.

Mastering the abilities to cut, copy, and paste will enable you to create such things as address lists and recipe collections. All you need to do first is to practice using these simple commands.

Selecting text

Selecting text lets you specify what information you want to copy or move. As you select each portion of text, you will be highlighting it as you go. After selecting text, you have to cut or copy the text before you can paste it into its new location.

To select text to be copied in a document, email, or Web site:

Press Control+A. This command will select everything in a given window. This large amount of text could then be pasted into a different document. You could always go back and edit the information you don't want in the new document, but you may find that selecting specific text may be an easier way to accomplish the same task.

This section will discuss how to select single letters, words, lines and paragraphs. You can actually select many more things, however, we will start with these options.

The Shift key is essential in helping to select text.

Copying and moving selected text

To copy text you have highlighted to the clipboard:

  1. Press Control+C. To paste the text you have just copied.

  2. Press Control+V.

To move text from one location to another:

  1. Highlight the text as described above.

  2. Press Control+X to cut the text from its current location.

  3. Go to the new location where you want the text to be placed, and press Control+V to paste the text here.

If you are selecting text which cannot be edited, as is the case with Web pages, you will not be able to cut the text, but you can still copy and paste it.

Last modified September 09, 2016

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