Spell check text (Windows only)

You can check your spelling from many portions of Sero. Emails, notes and even edit fields from Internet Explorer.

  1. When in an edit field, press F7. This will launch the Spellcheck feature. You can then hear the list of available suggested corrections.

  2. You will also hear a short description of how to use this feature.

  3. Each correction suggestion will be spoken in the line of text where it was found.

  4. In each line with a misspelled word, you will be given a list of possible suggestions in a drop-down menu.

  5. Press Alt+Down Arrow to open this menu.

  6. Move the focus up and down with the arrow keys to hear each suggestion.

  7. Press Enter on the one you would like to use.

  8. You can then move to the Check Again button to continue through your text.

If you do not hear the correct word from the list of suggestions, you can select the Manual option to fix an error on your own.

  1. Once selected, the Spellcheck box will now offer you the ability to make a manual edit from the spot of the misspelled word.

  2. Retype the word again to edit this mistake.

  3. You can also select Finished Checking if you would like to close this window without making any further corrections, or when spellcheck is complete.

  4. After doing so, you will be returned to the text you have been editing.

Last modified September 09, 2016

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